Commander Eva |Tornado| Shepard

Commander Eva |Tornado| Shepard
Photo Credit: cyberspacefuture.com

I finally did something I wanted to do for a while - to recreate "my" Commander Shepard using my impeccable photo manipulation skills (lol).


Commander Eva "Tornado" Shepard is an N7 division Marine, an Infiltrator skilled in cyber-tech and engineering as much as in the art of kill without breaking a sweat.


She is an Earthborn War Hero, a bloody icon, a person as much dreadful to her foes as merciful for innocent ones.


She got used not to trust to anyone and do everything to make the job done. Being a Paragade means she helps those who might be helped on her way but will not bat an eye eliminating the whole colony if that is the only option.


She hates drama and sentiments, but she respects determination and equanimity. A job might be dirty but it should've been done without excessive sentiments and regrets.


The Council was saved just because she wanted they owe her this one.


She hates Cerberus but sees no other option than to collaborate. That's why she never trusted Miranda and Jakob, though respecting them as valuable assets made sure they survive.


Grunt, Thane, Wrex, Zaeed, and Vakarian, as well as EDI and Legion, are her fave companions because they couldn't care less about "morals" and "nobility". The job should be done.


She respects every and each her companion for their good will to help or/and total determination. That's why everyone survived the Suicidal Mission.


Liara and Alenko, though, are her close friends. She got used to care abot them even tough they are far from her vision of perfect soldiers. They are loyal, supportive and see her inner self as a noble and loving, despite the whole "stone cold bitch" attitude. Alenko became her soulmate and lover.

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